How to Get Depop Followers Fast


There are many pro tips that can help you increase sales on depop. Today we’re going to talk about the one with the highest ROI: Increase Your Followers.

Why having lots of followers is important

Well , more followers lead to more sales. Because every time you list a new item, it will appear in more people’s feed.

How to increase followers FAST

There are many ways to increase your followers, including but not limited to: listing new items regularly, taking eye-catching photos, making your store look more appealing, etc.

  1. Follow followers of a user
  2. Follow following of a user
  3. Follow likers of an item

Now it’s your turn

10K followers is an important milestone for depop sellers, and if you haven’t reached it yet, hopefully starting today you’ll make it a goal. Mass follow (to 7501) and mass unfollow (to 0) at least once a day, and I’m sure you’ll reach that goal soon.



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