20 Actionable Depop Tips for Selling on Depop (2020)

Selling on Depop

1. Add more light to your photos

2. Do try on

3. Upload 4 photos for every item

4. Take different types of photos

5. Keep a consistent style

6. Never use stock photos

7. Write comprehensive description that includes all relevant keywords

8. Use 5 relevant hashtags for every item

9. Use a template for descriptions

10. Refresh your listings regularly

11. Post new items regularly

12. Follow as many users as you can

13. Ask for five star reviews

14. Add an extra surprise

15. Answer questions quickly

16. Give buyers a discount on their next order

17. Promote your shop on Instagram

18. Source high-quality and well-priced items

19. Become a Depop verified seller

20. Accept payments in app

Now it is your turn

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